templateimage1As you’ve just discovered, I’ve got a new delicious, lush, romantic site, thanks to the incredible Frauke Spanuth of Croco Designs.

To celebrate my new home, I’m offering a special something (when I get my special somethings) to everyone who comments below and/or links to my new sites and/or tweets and/or signs up for my newsletter (which will be published very infrequently, LOL). I’m talking bookmarks, coverflats and/or other rare and wondrous things to be distributed amongst you (and a few ARCs will be included—be the first on your block to read Mistress by Mistake or Tempting Eden!). You’ll have to be patient, since at present I have exactly 1 coverflat and only good intentions, but I do swear to fulfill my promise. Everyone will get something, and I’ll do a random drawing for the books.

So, click above on whatever strikes your fancy. I’ll still be here when you get back. 🙂 I imported my MRMR icon for sentimental reasons. I hope she likes the new place!