woman_crying_1_7djdj_16613_310x235I’m expecting electronic copyedits any day now for Tempting Eden. Mistress by Mistake’s came on comforting paper with little red squiggles. As a former English teacher, I felt right at home, but this old puppy is ready for some new tricks. I also got a couple of revision suggestions from my Berkley editor, which I’m to incorporate in the copyedits. So I’m reacquainting myself with Hart and Eden, who have been with me in all their glory since around March of 2007. I keep hacking away at them, and they keep hacking right back. It seems I’ve rewritten this book a whole lot of times, and the characters never cease to surprise me. At this moment I’d almost like to start from scratch…can I be addicted to revision?*shudder*

I’ve also realized I’ve written 5 more couples since Eden’s wicked stepfather popped into my head, not counting the crazy novellas I dabbled with. But Hart and Eden will always be special to me. I was pretty mean to poor Eden, and she’ll probably never forgive me, even though she got her happy ending. But I’m a sucker for tortured characters.

Who do you prefer, the tortured hero or the tortured heroine? Who’s your favorite unhappy person cured by love?