gift_surpriseThank you all so much for celebrating the launch of my two new websites! I have goodies to send out to all who commented, tweeted, signed up for my newsletter, etc. With the greatest of trepidation, I’m going to send out my first newsletter in a day or two, so the following list only has blog commenters and Tweeple. I need snail mail addresses for Terrio, Elyssa Papa, Gillian Layne, Amber E., Limecello, Barbara Elness, J.K. Coi, Katiebabs, P.J., Reverend Melinda, Tammy D., Julie, Katie, Marsha Jones, Margay, Jana J. Hanson, Tiffany Clare, Keira Soleore, Sara Lindsey, Vanessa Kelly, Bookpassion, Tessa Dare, Joanne Kendrick, Cristen, and Lois. If you would send your address to I shall attempt to get a packet to you before Christmas. Or the New Year. Certainly before Groundhog’s Day. *g*

And now…the winner of an as-yet-to-be-published, basically invisible ARC of Mistress by Mistake…Reverend Melinda, who commented on the first official blog post!

Tempting Eden (also just a figment of my imagination) goes to katieday26 from the newsletter sign-up! As soon as I get my hot little hands on real live books, they will be in the mail to each of you.

Look for a contest coming up in February to kick off the Mistress count-down!