Just a reminder—if your name is in the post below or if you’ve received the first Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe newsletter and haven’t sent me your mailing address yet, please do so! I sent out the first wave of promo packets this week, much to my postmistress’s delight. One even went to Australia!

I’m not much of a statistician, but the new websites are connected now to a stat counter, and it’s fascinating to see where people are coming from to visit this site. Ireland. Bulgaria. France. Norway.The intertubes are a divine mystery.

Speaking of mysteries, about 5,000 words to go on Master Of Sin and I have no idea how it’s going to end, LOL. I have revisions to think about for Mistress by Midnight, the second Courtesan Court book scheduled for the spring of 2011 from Kensington Brava. Still putting on the finishing touches for Tempting Eden for Berkley Heat. Debuting on the Bradford Bunch blog on December 18, where most of the authors repped by my fabulous agent Laura Bradford muse about their muses. Starting to schedule a blog tour for the spring, buying an ad in RT. Scary, exciting stuff!

Mistress_by_Mistake_-240x401Since it’s getting close to Christmas, I’m giving away another copy of Mistress by Mistake! This time, I can hold the actual book in my hand, becasue it’s not my Mistress, but the Golden Heart-winning Susan Gee Heino’s delightful debut for Berkley that shares the same title with my April 27, 2010 debut from Kensington! Yes, 2 books, 2 authors, 5 months apart, 1 title. Leave a comment and let me know how you’re doing getting ready for the holidays and the “other woman” will be yours if I draw your name. Check back next week for the winner.

I confess I’m nowhere near done shopping, but my little fake tabletop tree is up and the pine roping is on my front porch railing. Joy to the world.

P.S. When I titled this post, the cancellation of As the World Turns had not been announced. I haven’t seen the show since I was a little girl, watching it with my grandmother. Good-bye to 72 years of romance! Watching soap operas as a kid probably put me on the path I’m on today. Hm. I sense a future blog topic. 🙂