angel_painting_stars Congratulations to J.K. Coi, the winner of Susan Gee Heino’s Mistress by Mistake! I cut up little snips of paper, closed my eyes, and there she was!

The blog will be on a break until after the new year. An early resolution is to finish the current project before 2010. Or else. I’m awfully close. Right now Gemma is trapped in a house with Italian assassins. I’m pretty sure she’s going to rescue herself, and rescue me in the process. Since we’ll be going to Virginia to spend New Year’s Eve with our oldest friends, she’d better do it before I board that plane.

Happiest of holidays! How are you celebrating the new year? We’ll be staying in, eating the lobsters we’re bringing from Maine. I bet I struggle to stay up until midnight. πŸ™‚