magdeskI’ve had a busy busy break. Finished electronic copyedits for Margaret Rowe’s Berkley Heat debut Tempting Eden. Finished Maggie Robinson’s first draft of Book #4 for Kensington Brava, Master of Sin.Wrote 1/3 of the Kensington novella that’s due in April. Sent the page proofs back for Mistress by Mistake .(It’s almost a book! It’s mine!)

It wasn’t all work. We had a wonderful time with our family, and spent three days in Virginia to celebrate the new year. And I got the best Christmas present from my youngest daughter. She gave me a beautiful red Cross pen to sign my beautiful red books with in Nashville. I got a little weepy when I opened it. Everything is becoming so real. And a little complicated. I said to someone this whole writing thing now is like 24-hour-a-day homework in a whole bunch of subjects (juggling multiple books), plus you have to grade the papers yourself (when you edit/revise/proofread). But I’m not complaining.*g*

Were you good about doing your homework, or did you put it off until the last minute? What was your favorite gift this holiday season?

P.S. That’s my newish desk. I had to replace the printer since this picture was taken…and the dust I discovered was daunting. 😳