I’m not especially tech-savvy. I mean, it was a big deal when my dad bought me an electric typewriter to replace the old Royal upright I used to bang out my college papers on (both were purchased at the Salvation Army as I recall). My grandmother viewed phones with suspicion and used an egg beater instead of an electric mixer. We’re talking Dark Ages and Luddites here–my family was also the very last on the block to get a color TV. If black and white was good enough for Fred and Ginger dancing down the stairs, it was good enough for the Lanmans sitting on the couch.

While we’ve had a PC in the Robinson household now for 20+ years, my kids had priority. But since I started to putter around writing in 2003, I’ve taught myself a thing or two. Here, without further ado, is my Not-At-All-Ready-For-Prime-Time book trailer for Mistress by Mistake. Hollywood will not come calling any time soon, but I’ll admit I had fun fooling around. Just click on the link and be patient through the buffering. Beethoven makes everything better. πŸ˜‰


Do you pay any attention to book trailers? What have you taught yourself to do lately?