nye 015 Yes! Beautiful red ARCs arrived for Mistress by Mistake last week! I have big plans for some of them in the coming months, but today—January 14, 2010—and Monday—January 18, 2010—all you have to do is leave a comment / sign up for my newsletter 2 get 2 chances 2 win 1! Please drop by the Vauxhall Vixens today and see some of the promo items I am amassing for world domination (snort) and tell me what else you think I should be doing. Then on Monday, go to the Bradford Bunch, where I blog once a month with other Laura Bradford authors for a second opportunity to win an advanced reader copy of MBM. After doing the page proofs, I think there are only 7 teeny tiny mistakes in Mistake, so it’s almost perfect at least as far as typos go, LOL.

Well, what are you waiting for? (Comments here have been turned off.)