In completely unexpected, exciting and exotic news, Mistress by Mistake will be published in Thailand! Translated into Thai! Foreign rights have been sold, so eventually I’ll have a book I wrote that I can’t read. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And FYI, Amazon is offering Mistress by Mistake for $11.20–in English– (cover price is $14) and Tempting Eden for $10.20 (cover price is $15) on pre-orders! What a deal. They’ve even got them grouped together. Is it embarrassing to say that I ordered some even though I get author copies? Here’s my Amazon author page , basically the same as the website biography.

I love a bargain. My dad was the shopper in our family, and he always came home with strange and wondrous things. It’s amusing to think of him, a chubby, nattily-dressed guy, pawing through the women’s clothes racks at S. Klein, the discount department store not far from where I grew up. He brought home stuff for my mother and me, guessing on sizes. Most of the time his selections were pretty good. I grew up with a ton of clothes, which dismayed my husband once we were married and I took up all the closet space.

S. Klein is closed now, but there’s always T.J. Maxx. Do you like to shop? Are you a bargain shopper or are you willing to pay full price? Do you know what the Thai alphabet looks like? (I had to Google. *g*)

I’ll post the ARC winners from the Vauxhall Vixen and Bradford Bunch posts on January 25. Everyone who signed up for the newsletter and gave me their mailing address should expect something, too. ๐Ÿ™‚