I was going to put an exclamation point in the title, but noticed I’ve gone a little overboard lately in my exclaiming in the headings below. So I’ll be nice and calm, although life has been one lovely exclamation point after the next lately. I recently celebrated my wedding anniversary (as my mother in law so famously declared at our January wedding, “And they don’t even have to get married!”), arcs have been mailed out to prize winners and reviewers, and I’m almost done with the novella that’s due in April. I should have plenty of time to rip apart Mistress by Midnight and put it back together again. Thanks to the fabulous Beverley Kendall and my fabulous critique partners the Vauxhall Vixens, Mistress by Mistake is getting some great buzz and review requests. Their fabulosity and generosity make me twitch to use an exclamation point, so I will!

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There’s a new News page on the menu bar above, with room for reviewers’ comments and what I’ve decided to call The Magical Mistressy Tour—my pajama-clad Internet promotion tour. I will have to polish up my wit for interviews to try to make my bespectacled library-clerk self seem mysteriously interesting. 😉 Maybe I’ll listen to some Beatles music to inspire me.

What music do you listen to for inspiration? What’s your favorite Beatles’ song? Mine is I Saw Her Standing There.