More fun stuff! Every day brings something I never dared to expect. Linkage ahead.

From Katiebabs, a picture of her demon sheep King Mho enjoying a snuggle in a slanket with Mistress by Mistake. I could not embed it, but just click on over to Katie’s site and scroll down. I’ll still be here when you come back. 🙂

From India, 527 rupees buys you Mistress by Mistake.

A page at the Brava Authors site!

A teaser chapter from Margaret Rowe’s January 2011 Berkley Heat release Any Wicked Thing is going in the back of June 2010’s Tempting Eden.

I’m in great company! Beverley Kendall has beautiful bookmarks to promote The Season. And she has great things to say about MBM right here.

So there’s the latest. Do you spend your rupees ordering books online, or must you hunt them down in the bookstore and hold them in your hand?