Well, I’m home, but my brain is definitely still on vacation. For those of you waiting for me to send out a newsletter and post my contest, please wait just a tiny bit longer. (Breaking news! Correction! Newsletter has been sent and check the Contest page. I’m rallying…slowly.) I’m finding it disorienting to be back at work—it’s like the week off wiped away all my library skills, LOL.

And now that I’m in my own cozy writing room, I have page proofs to read of Margaret Rowe’s Tempting Eden to keep me busy until their deadline, March 4. The manuscript came in the middle of our trip, and I was reluctant to open it up on the shiny new blue netbook we bought before we left. But when I did—so pretty! I love the font Berkley picked and the curlicues on the chapters.

I also discovered that Alan Ayers, the artist who created my beautiful Mistress by Mistake cover, also painted Tempting Eden’s! No wonder I couldn’t decide which one was more gorgeous, LOL.

The netbook is so damn cute. It fits into my (kinda large) handbag and is light enough for me to carry and not grumble. I’m still getting used to it, but it beats dragging along my husband’s laptop on trips.

Speaking of which, the cruise exceeded all our expectations. I relaxed by the pool while my husband ATVed through the jungle to see a Mayan ruin. I made two visits to the Elemis spa (you should see my red toes!) and ate way too much. I’m not getting on the scale for the foreseeable future. I also drank my first—and last—martini.

And quite by surprise, we were asked at the last minute to dine at the captain’s table the night of the formal dinner. Here’s proof that I can clean up pretty well…or they were really desperate!

We stumbled out of our stateroom and were approached by a crew member to replace a couple who had gotten sick, so we were pinch hitters. I did manage to tell people I wrote hot historical romances—the captain looked a little shocked. 😉 We dined with folks from Georgia, North Carolina and Missouri. If they’ve found this website, hi!

So, the question of the day—are you a laptop or PC person? Anyone have a netbook and experience with Windows 7, which I have not had time to explore? Have a fun travel story you’d like to share?