March 16th additions to this post: you can “look inside” Mistress by Mistake on Amazon now! Woohoo! I love the “surprise me” feature where I can try to figure out the plot so far, LOL.

I got my first review on Goodreads from a “perfect stranger” who won my book at Tiff’s Toronto RWA chapter, and she is perfect indeed. Here’s what she said:I really enjoyed this. The characters are charming, the plot sexy and fun. The sex scenes (and there are a good number!) are frank and earthy, not purple and overblown. These two have a strong sexual chemistry that they don’t bother to deny after the first few pages – it’s the rest of the relationship they need to work out 🙂

The writing is terrific and it doesn’t read much like a debut novel at all. I’d definitely read the next in the series, about one of Charlie’s neighbors in her sinful street of mistresses… Yay!

Ann Aguirre is running a contest on her blog to celebrate the upcoming release of Hell Fire and has a huge giveaway! Mistress by Mistake is one of the prizes. You can still win one right here if you register for my newsletter or sign up to follow me on Twitter, too.

I think I finished revising Mistress by Midnight, which will be out sometime in the first part of 2011. This involved rearranging 100 pages of the history between Con and Laurette, and rewriting/adding some scenes. I have come to the conclusion I could fiddle with a book forever—every time I open up an old file, I see something I could have/should have done. I love this book, though—it’s Cathy and Heathcliff with a couple of kids and without the crazy.

Here’s hoping my editor likes the changes—she already told me last week my novella Not Quite a Courtesan (in Lords of Passion, Kensington Brava, Novemver 30, 2010) is good to go with no revisions. Yay again! It was such fun to write. There’s a line in it she loves: “I will do it and you will like it.” I’m practicing saying that to my husband. 🙂

And I’ve started something new—the last novella of my Kensington contract. When I finish it, I will have completed everything I signed up to do last year. Of course, more revisions, copy edits and page proofs will be coming my way, so I’m not about to loll around in the lap of luxury (see below, although my bottom is much bigger). What’s new with you?