Nope, this is not about nuclear disarmament. 🙂 The latest: Russian rights have been sold to Mistress by Mistake! That’s Хозяйка по Oшибке according to a translating site I found. I think it’s so cool that eventually I’ll have books printed in two alphabets (Thai, too) that I am completely unfamiliar with.

Don’t forget the #MistressMonday Twitter contest. Just add the hashtag to your tweets for a chance to win MBM. Last week’s winners were @Pearl-ROOB and @shellistevens. Details of a contest right here will be posted shortly.

Brava is sponsoring a great new contest for aspiring writers. Check it out. The Brava Authors blog is being redesigned too, and eventually I’ll be posting once a month there.

Hope Spring is finding a way to you. Here in Maine we’ve dipped down into the teens and I’m freezing again. When I was a little girl, my parents always took pictures of me in my Easter bonnet in front of the brilliant yellow forsythia bush we had in the back yard. I’ve got nothing here but mud. And no new hat. Do you wear hats? The heroine of my latest novella is a hatmaker, and it’s all she can do not to stab the hero with a hatpin. 😉