Charlotte lay in the cupid-infested room, nervously bunching the scarlet satin coverlet between her fingers. She would not unpack her own trunk but to pull out her tattered nightrail and robe later. She could not move in and assume her sister’s life. She didn’t even want to consume her dinner. But an hour later, the fresh-faced maid Irene was at the door informing her that supper was on the table.

Charlotte imagined it tasted delicious, but was too distracted to tell. Despite her earlier pledge, she gulped a great deal of wine in order that she might actually fall asleep in her sister’s bed. Woozy and warm, she allowed Irene to help her undress and bathe, then crawled under the covers, closing her eyes to the grinning statues. How her sister Deborah had born them all alone for six weeks was a wonder.

She slept as if dead, having the most delightful tipsy dream somewhere past midnight. But when morning came and she found her nightgown hanging from a fat angel’s head and a naked man in the bed, she knew her dream was now a nightmare.

Come play with me! April’s contest is supposed to be fun, as is fitting for National Humor Month. How could one find oneself in the position of mistress by mistake? Details and entry form are on the contest page, and you may enter as many times as you like.Tell me your scenario—silly, serious or scandalous! Three winners will receive copies of Mistress by Mistake. And every Monday is #MistressMonday on Twitter. Two books will be given away each week until relase day, April 27.

My alter ego Margaret Rowe has news too. Thai subrights have been sold for Tempting Eden (Berkley Heat, June 2010). It’s really exciting (and a little strange) to think of people reading my books in translation. 🙂

Have a wonderful week. Stay tuned for more information about the Reader at Home Conference.

P.S. 4/6/10 I’ve already gotten some entries for April’s contest. Keep ’em coming! Congrats to Twitter winners @sarahsreviews and @armiefox for winning this week’s copies of MbMistake. And I just discovered that Mistress by Midnight will be out December 28! It’s available for pre-order on Amazon. Holy cow. I think that means from April 27 to next January, the two of me will have released five books (Margaret Rowe’s Any Wicked Thing is also out in January). And I thought I was crazy now…