A little more than two weeks, and Mistress by Mistake will be released into the wild. I’ve been having fun filling out interview questionnaires for blogs–thank goodness I can write my answers instead of speak, because I think at this point I’m one long stutter. ๐Ÿ™‚

And I can still write some updates:
1. Three more #Mistress Mondays on Twitter to win six more books, and the monthly contest continues here.

2. Elyssa Papa wrote a funny Top Ten post on Vauxhall Vixens, highlighting some key plot points to MBM.

3. The fabulous Sara Lindsey, author of Promise Me Tonight and the upcoming Tempting the Marquess, designed beautiful banner ads for both Mistress by Mistake and Tempting Eden, and they can be found flashing on the books page of Maggie’s/Margaret’s sites. They are absolutely hypnotic, LOL.

4.Improper Gentlemen is the title of the upcoming Kensington Brava anthology in which I’ll have a novella. Love the title, and my hero Sir Simon Keith is definitely improper. And unfinished.

5. But I’ll have time to finish him, because I’ve given notice at work. Unemployment here I come! Due to a two million dollar shortfall in the school district, my position was reduced to half-time next year. I probably would have been able to keep my hours, but move to another school. I decided to get out now before word reached parents that the sweet bespectacled library clerk their kids hang out with writes scorching-hot historical romances. Huge relief, but I feel terrible for all the teachers and staff whose jobs and programs have been cut and don’t have sexy heroes to stay home and write about. ๐Ÿ˜•

So, would you quit your day job if you could? What are you looking forward to this Spring?