After you read this mesmerizing post, please visit the Brenda Novak 2010 Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research. I have been busy bidding, and noticed that some wonderful person has already offered $42 for a copy of Mistress by Mistake! The Romance Dish ladies have also tucked in a copy in their fabulous basket too.

Right now I’m up to my eyelashes preparing for our imminent move. I’m hoping this is the last time I ever pack anything–my intentions are to be carted away from the new house by the undertaker many, many years from now. My oldest daughter and I have been in the cellar throwing away my college term papers (Emile Zola? Really?) and preserving my great-grandparents’ marriage certificate. We’ve found some hilarious family photos, John’s bronzed baby shoes and more than our fair share of mouse droppings. Ewww.

Yesterday, I began to crate up the “good” china. My pattern is Royal Worcester’s Evesham Gold, which John bought a million years ago from the Reject China Shop in England, when the pound was low. I was not consulted on the pattern, just as he was not consulted when I bought our new house. But I love those dishes, and he loves the house, so all is good. 🙂

We have decided, still operating on the “Life is short” mode, that we are going to use those “good” dishes every single day from now on. But to be practical, I ordered 8 place settings of Evesham Vale, which does not have a gold rim which will kill the microwave when it is accidentally put in to warm up Thanksgiving leftovers by a child who did not know better then but does now. So, we can have 20 people over for dinner. As soon as I buy a dining table.

Here’s my philosophic rumination for the day. Use the “good” dishes.

I hear from my Berkley editor that I’ll soon be receiving my author copies of Tempting Eden. Can’t wait! But I’ve got an ARC for a commenter below. Winner announced Friday, May 21.

Do you have a favorite china pattern? Do you save the best china for holidays, or do you think “good” china is something from your great-grandmother’s day? I confess to using paper plates whenever I can. 😉