I’ve been absent but here I am, not that I have much to say at the moment. 🙂 But my Books page has been updated with new covers and I’ll be including excerpts very soon. My current releases seem to be doing okay and I’m fluffing up a new trilogy proposal for my agent.

I’ve started the first book already even though I’m nowhere near the submission stage. I’m antsy when I don’t write, but my time lately has revolved around family and friends. We’ve entertained nearly every weekend since we moved in (very modestly, because my husband is still recovering. He still wants to use his new gas/charcoal/smoker grill every chance he gets, though. It is the size of an aircraft carrier.).

This fourth of July weekend will bring most of the Robinson clan together on the lake—kids, kayaks, beer and Dirty Scrabble… if I’ve unpacked the Scrabble set yet. What is Dirty Scrabble, you ask? Just what it sounds like. Only provocative (and sometimes mis-spelled) words are allowed. I’m hoping to learn something to add to my knowledge of naughtiness.

Have a safe holiday weekend! What are your plans—fireworks, hotdogs, parades? What does your family do for fun when you get together?