I’m in the middle of packing and agonizing what to bring to RWA. Our son once drew the “Robinson Family Crest”—a mini van, a suitcase and crossed toothbrushes. We took the kids on lots of trips, and always tried to travel light (not easy with six people). My husband will never let me forget the time I went to Vienna with four suitcases (I was meeting my relatives for the first time and wanted to make a good impression. *g*). So I got accustomed to one carry-on.

But for this trip, besides making a good impression, I’m also trying to entertain a 2 1/2 year old, so I’m checking kind of a giant bag but bringing this cool rolling Liz Claiborne Work Bag (retail retail price $280, TJ Maxx $59.99!) on the plane with my travel docs, computer, a portable DVD player and about 1000 new things for Sadie to read and play with. I should even have room to bring back convention booty.

Once I get back, I’ll bore you with my WAR–uh,RWA stories and pick this month’s contest winner—you still have a chance to win stuff on the contest page . The answers I’ve been getting are marvelously creative, and someone is aaaalmost right.

If you’re going to Orlando, I hope to see you. If you’re staying home, keep cool! Where do you want to go next, and what’s a must-have in your suitcase? One random commenter will get a copy of Tempting Eden and other good stuff when I get home!