Going to a writers’ conference has sapped my strength for writing! So I thought I’d share a list and take a little break from blogging this month–we are spending next week at a vacation compound with about a million friends and relatives and without TV or an Internet connection, and later in the month are going to Las Vegas for my yearly Roast-in-the-Sun-and-Read fest. Speaking of heat, Orlando was blazing, but meeting so many wonderful people warmed my heart even more.

Here, in no particular order (except for #1) are my positive experiences at RWA10:

1. Seeing Vixens J.K.Coi and Tiffany Clare for the first time ever. I am adopting them as extra adorable Robinson girls. Tiff (see above; thanks to PJ for the picture) and Kris made the days fly by and the nerves dissipate, and they are the cutest things ever. It would have been perfect if Ely had been in Florida too, but next year in NY!

2. Meeting the legendary Virginia Henley waiting for the Kensington tables at the awards ceremony. I introduced myself as the very junior contributor for Lords of Passion and she was graciousness itself.

3.Being in a giant room with 2000 like-minded individuals who made me tear up and laugh during the awards speeches, and realize the power of romance. I never expected to be so moved–it was way better than the Academy Awards!

4. Spending quality time with my family and friends, yet still managing to sign books both at the literacy booksigning (over $62,000 raised!) and Berkley event, go to three cocktail parties, an agent dinner, an appointment with my Berkley editor, take three interesting workshops, and meet countless absolutely fabulous women in four days. I’m sure some packed even more goodness into their schedules, because there was a dizzying array of possibilities, but I think I paced myself pretty well. That doesn’t mean I’m not tired and don’t have a ton of unpacking and laundry to do. πŸ˜‰

5. Looking forward already to RWA11 in New York!

I have lots of new writers to discover and the rest of the summer to savor. So, as the old song says, see you in September–unless something earth-shattering happens. I’ll continue the Tempting Eden giveaway through the month if you tell me how you’re spending the rest of your summer in the comments.