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BEAUTY AND THE BRUTE by Virginia Henley
When eighteen-year old Charles Lennox, Earl of March, is called home from school, the last thing he is prepared for is a quick marriage. His father has lost a great deal of money to General William Cadogan, who sees a chance to get his thirteen-year-old daughter, Lady Sarah, a titled husband. Before they are even introduced, Charles reprimands her, leaving her very upset, especially when she discovers he is to be her new husband.

After the wedding, Lady Sarah returns home with her parents and Charles embarks on his Grand Tour.Three years later, Charles returns home, a changed man after being so ill that he nearly died during his Grand Tour. However, when he sees the voluptuous woman with his sister, he does not realize that she is his wife. The girl he married had been a thin stick, not this very desirable woman. How can he convince her to forgive him for his past conduct when all she wants is to get a little revenge?

Deliciously sensual, readers will find BEAUTY AND THE BRUTE a hard story to put down until the last page of this tale is read. Sarah is used to not having a husband around and her memories of Charles are not the best. So she leads him on a merry chase, as he tries desperately to win her forgiveness and get her to see that he is not the same man who left her so abruptly. A great read.


Nicholas March, the eighth Earl of Stortford, had been forced to wed his wife Louisa, for her dowry to help his family. However, he wants to leave his wild life behind and be true to his new wife after watching his father’s disreputable behavior over the years. His wife is not considered beautiful, but he does desire her. However, she seems to find more joy in the heroes in the novels she reads than she does with him. He believes that making love to his wife should be more respectful than the way he treated the women prior to his marriage.

Louisa gets nothing out of her husband’s love making, but she believes there must be more to it after reading her racy novels. She wants him to sleep cuddled with her like the heroes in her books, but she is an innocent and doesn’t know how to tell him. The only person she has to advise her is her mother and her husband’s sister, but she can’t discuss it with him. But when Nicolas gets the idea to take his wife to the local brothel, where they can reenact the situations in the books she reads, things between them really begin to heat up.

Delightfully wicked, HOW TO SEDUCE A WIFE is a witty, sensual historical romance that readers will enjoy immensely. Nicholas goes to great lengths trying to figure out what is wrong with his love life, until he finally hits upon a solution that works greater than he could ever have predicted. This story is a joy.

NOT QUITE A COURTESAN by Maggie Robinson

Prudence has spent her life taking care of her ailing and now deceased mother and her orphaned, heiress cousin Sophy, who has recently eloped with Cyrus Shaw. She has had no adventure in her life, but she figures now she will have the chance, since she has money and no one relying on her. But first, she has to help Sophy, who begs for her help in getting her husband back. Sophy had thrown him out after receiving a letter addressed to him, from a mistress named Carmela.

Darius Shaw and his brother Cyrus inherited a house on Jane Street, also known as Courtesan Court, since those residing in these homes are the Ton’s most wanted mistresses. The house they inherited comes complete with their uncle’s aging mistress, Carmela. While trying to evict her from the home, Darius mistakes the veiled Prudence Thorne for Carmela. Soon, spending time with Darius, under his skilled guidance, she finds more adventure than she ever dreamed of, as he fulfills her wildest desires.

Deliciously witty and sensationally sensuous, NOT QUITE A COURTESAN is a captivating historical romance that you will hate to put down. Mistaken identities and pornographic artifacts soon add up to a delightful interlude between the disreputable Darius and the prim Prudence. All I have to see is author Maggie Robinson’s name on a book to know that it is a must read.

Wonderfully decadent, LORDS OF PASSION, a captivating anthology by three very talented authors, is a book that readers will want to read over and over again. The three stories are enriched with compelling and complex characters, creative plots, humor, love and plenty of steamy sensual scenes. Readers will be unable to tear themselves away from this book and these marvelous stories, as they read about unfulfilled heroines and reformed rakes, whose fantasies are played out and their desires satisfied in very imaginative ways. As I look forward to more works by these phenomenal authors, be sure to get your own copy of LORDS OF PASSION. You won’t regret it!