A little more than 2 weeks to go before Lords of Passion and these other great Brava books release! Chris from Romance Junkies e-mailed me the other day with another great review for LOP. I decided to post just the part about my contribution to it, Not Quite a Courtesan. I could not be happier!

Responsible and respectable widow, Prudence Thorne, while not the head of her family, has always been saddled with her family’s burdens – caring for her sick, infirm mother and raising her younger, addle-brained cousin. Sophisticated, handsome and well-traveled Darius Shaw is the head of his family and their shocking business – erotic antiquities. His travels have finally brought him back to London, and serendipitously right smack dab into the middle of Pru’s blasé world of order and efficiency. There isn’t much Darius hasn’t seen or done in his travels, but there’s something about Pru’s veiled innocence that is utterly irresistible. With a sexually deprived vitality just waiting to be unleashed, Pru merely requires instruction. And Darius is just the man to initiate her into the world of sexual gratification.

The LORDS OF PASSION collection could not have found a more wonderful culmination than Ms. Robinson’s NOT QUITE A COURTESAN. Perhaps it’s the self-aware rake in Darius Shaw that is so appealing, or perhaps his straightforward manner in how he deals with Pru, or perhaps how something in Pru’s stringent propriety resonates with Darius making him gravitate towards her – whatever it is, it’s totally enchanting. The repartee between Darius and Pru, Darius and his steward, even between Pru and his steward, is clever and laugh-out-loud amusing. The lovemaking scenes are heart-stoppingly, monstrously sweet, and so erotic that readers will suffer from dry mouth. Put simply… NOT QUITE A COURTESAN is superb!