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We actually got 2 reviews from Romance Junkies (see below), but this is the one that’s been posted:

BEAUTY AND THE BRUTE by Virginia Henley
Can there be a more degrading reason to marry than to settle a gambling debt? Lord Charles Lennox and Lady Sarah Caversham certainly don’t think so. No wonder Charles left for his Grand Tour as soon as his marriage to the young Sarah became final. But all things change with time. A spoiled and domineering bully like Charles at 18-years-old can grow into a mature, respectful, responsible, sympathetic 21-year-old man. While a 13-year-old awkward, lanky and naïve youth like Sarah can blossom into a buxom, curvaceous, heart-stopping beauty. Imagine the shock when Charles returns to town and unknowingly falls in love-at-first-sight – with his own wife! Now, how to turn their marriage of convenience into the passionate conflagration that burns in both of their hearts…

Louisa March is not beautiful, not in the classic sense. But then her husband, Nicholas, a notorious philanderer in his younger years, didn’t marry her for her physical attraction. Still, Louisa had hoped she would reap the benefits of having a man so well versed in carnal knowledge. How disappointing when Nicholas’ lackluster performance in the boudoir forces her to seek passionate fulfillment in her gothic romance novels. For Nicholas, it is totally unconscionable that his wife would rather read a book than fulfill her marital obligations to him. The gauntlet has been thrown, and despite having to revisit some of his more wicked haunts, Nicholas is fully intent on properly seducing his wife!

NOT QUITE A COURTESAN by Maggie Robinson
Responsible and respectable widow, Prudence Thorne, while not the head of her family, has always been saddled with her family’s burdens – caring for her sick, infirmed mother and raising her younger, addle-brained cousin. Sophisticated, handsome and well-traveled Darius Shaw is the head of his family and their shocking business – erotic antiquities. His travels have finally brought him back to London, and serendipitously right smack dab into the middle of Pru’s blasé world of order and efficiency. There isn’t much Darius hasn’t seen or done in his travels, but there’s something about Pru’s veiled innocence that is utterly irresistible. With a sexually deprived vitality just waiting to be unleashed, Pru merely requires instruction. And Darius is just the man to initiate her into the world of sexual gratification.

LORDS OF PASSION is a luscious anthology of three erotic Regency romance novellas featuring three heroes of varying birth and backgrounds, but all thoroughly well studied in the ways of love and the art of intimacy. Oh to be their heroines!

Charles, from Ms. Henley’s BEAUTY AND THE BRUTE, to put it plainly, is such a lout. At least, he is at the onset. His transformation is totally welcomed, but woe is he who falls in love with the wife he cursed and fled on his wedding day. Sarah is surely in the right when embarking on her plans for revenge. But three years is a long time, and the changes that occur at such an age are pivotal, as evident in Charles’s newfound humanity and Sarah’s well-trained cunning. Charles’ subtle charms (and not-so-subtle sexual innuendos) coupled with Sarah’s quick, sarcastic wit are beguiling, and their love scenes both tender and provocative. BEAUTY AND THE BRUTE is a lovely, memorable read that will touch the heart and raise the body temperature, just in time for the second narrative.

Ms. Pearce’s HOW TO SEDUCE A WIFE is a boisterously entertaining and satisfying read if ever there was one! Louisa’s intellectual nature, interminable propriety, and sexual naïveté make for such hilarious retorts, especially when in response to Nicholas’ forthright sexual observations, requests, and commands. While their marriage was not founded on love, just based on the honesty of their interactions, love can’t be far. And for Nicholas who, unlike his unfaithful father, swears fidelity to Louisa despite their unsatisfactory sex life – that in and of itself, is a declaration… of sorts. Utterly delectable, HOW TO SEDUCE A WIFE will leave the reader happily sated and primed for the final story in the anthology.

The LORDS OF PASSION collection could not have found a more wonderful culmination than Ms. Robinson’s NOT QUITE A COURTESAN. Perhaps it’s the self-aware rake in Darius Shaw that is so appealing, or perhaps his straightforward manner in how he deals with Pru, or perhaps how something in Pru’s stringent propriety resonates with Darius making him gravitate towards her – whatever it is, it’s totally enchanting. The repartee between Darius and Pru, Darius and his steward, even between Pru and his steward, is clever and laugh-out-loud amusing. The lovemaking scenes are heart-stoppingly, monstrously sweet, and so erotic that readers will suffer from dry mouth. Put simply… NOT QUITE A COURTESAN is superb!

LORDS OF PASSION completely mollifies the readers’ hunger for heroes who know their way around the bedroom and into a woman’s heart. A tried and true treasure trove!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chris