European Historical Romance (1818 England)

Maggie Robinson’s Not Quite a Courtesan wraps things up with a thoroughly enjoyable romp. Our hero Darius follows a long family tradition of dealing in pornographic antiques, but he’s just about to auction off his inventory (housed in a courtesan’s lodgings) and make a fresh start. All of a sudden a staid widow appears on a mission: Her cousin is married to Darius’ brother, who’s been staying with the courtesan, who’s his late uncle’s mistress but appears to be Darius’ brother’s mistress. Prudence is here to give the courtesan what-for, on behalf of her cousin.

Or something like that. It doesn’t matter, really. What matters is that Darius and Prudence are a hoot. As Pru joins in the inventorying they fall in love, Darius gets semi-respectable and Pru gets seriously loosened up. And it’s funny. Really funny.

Grade: B+