Jane Litte of Dear Author has made the official announcement for the upcoming Berkley Heat Agony/Ecstasy anthology. Read all about it here. Margaret Rowe is excited to be included with such great authors! I finally put up the excerpt for March’s Any Wicked Thing . Read how Freddie makes a proposition Sebastian can’t refuse.

And Maggie Robinson loves this romantic image:

The latest Lords of Passion review from Kay’s Blog: “Then we come to Maggie Robinson’s Not Quite a Courtesan. This was the winner of the group. I loved this story, which by the way didn’t have the feel of a short story. I also think it was a first for me, I didn’t want this short story to end or maybe I wanted it to be a long story. We have Darius, whose family business is dealing in pornographic antiques and Prudence, an uptight widow whose silly cousin is married to Darius’ equally silly brother.

This story is filled with some really funny stuff, from the dialog to the inner thoughts of Prudence, all great fun!”

Time/Place: Regency England
Rating: B+
Sensuality Rating: Hot!

Both of me are pretty happy this week. 🙂