“Not Quite a Courtesan” by Maggie Robinson

After returning to London from his extensive travels where he has bought a variety of sexually explicit artifacts, Darius Shaw discovers he and his brother now own a house complete with an aging prostitute. Hoping to persuade the woman to leave, he instead runs into Prudence Thorne at the home. She has come to talk with his brother who married her cousin, as the newly married couple is already having problems and she thinks the man is now living with another woman. When circumstances lead to the two working together to get his merchandise ready for auction, the business arrangement turns into an eye-opening experience for Prudence and Darius.

The premise of “Not Quite a Courtesan” is captivating from the start, and the fascination continues to mount with each new enthralling detail. Maggie Robinson expertly entwines humor with passion and genuine concern to create an absolutely mesmerizing story. Darius and Prudence have particularly interesting personalities, and their inner natures come through loud and clear to delight readers time and again. You will sigh, laugh and feel the very real emotions depicted throughout this noteworthy story.

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