Celebrating release day for Mistress by Midnight today! This is actually the fourth book release day I’ve had this year, which is kind of mind-boggling. Check the news page for giveaways this month and next.

I think this will be my last blog for 2010, unless I get an earth-shatteringly good review. It was four years ago I wrote my very first post on December 31. A whole lot has happened since, and I’m thankful every day, especially for my supportive family. My husband brings me tea every morning as I sit and type. He may not be a Regency lord, but he’s still a hero.

Some random musings on 2010…I have Google Alerts for my books and pen names. I’ve dicovered porn star Traci Lords and Passion Pit this way.

I have the best critique partners ever.

I can laugh when I get a less-than-stellar review. Who can resist when someone says this: This book was hard to finish. Charlotte Fallon is not the sharpest tool in the shed and like the other female characters in the book she is mentally unbalanced. I mean seriously what sane woman snoozes through the best sex in her life, steals Mr. Studs valuable artwork, and smashes an entire bedroom of cupid statues against against the garden wall? If I were Bayard I would have taken her on safari to Africa and had her shoot [sic] with an elephant tranquilizer dart.

What have you learned this year?

P.S. First release day sighting “in the wild” from Nikki Brandyberry! Nikki worked hard to get the Borders clerk to dig around in the back to find the book. Yay!