Happy 2011! And it is. My husband is recovering slowly but surely from major surgery. I’ve spent the past five days at the hospital/in a nearby hotel and have missed Romancelandia, but I’m sure Romancelandia’s gotten along just fine without me. 😉 If all goes well, he’ll be released later this week. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed.

I’m still giving away books for the next THREE months–please see the News page for details. Tomorrow I’ll be at Romance Bandits, and Tuesday I’ll be at Seductive Musings. Thanks so much to SM’s Carrie Divine for designing this lovely Any Wicked Thing ad!

Earlier this month Mistress by Mistake was #1 on Amazon’s Free Kindle list for several days. Free or not, it was a delightful surprise to be #1 at anything. I’m still smarting from being second-runner-up for my college’s May Queen, LOL. Seriously, thanks to all of you who downloaded and hopefully enjoyed the book! And just for fun, me in my not-quite-May Queen days–a whole lot blonder and thinner!