I finished writing the first of the London List books yesterday, and plunged right into the second book today. I’m going to let Ben and Evie’s story rest and recuperate a little before I read/revise it and send it to my editor. I miss them already. 🙂 Fortunately I can make them turn up for a brief reunion the next book. Authorial magic!

I lived with them for over four months, and Evangeline Ramsey is probably my secret twin. Oops, not so secret. I’ve told you. But she’s sarcastic and stubborn and snotty and warm-hearted and wildly in love with a man who drives her crazy. She is, however, much braver than I am, breaking rules, hacking off her hair and posing as a man. She’s never at a loss for words–except when she’s in Ben’s arms. 😉