Maggie Robinson

Feb 24
Any Wicked Thursday 3

Here’s the last exclusive excerpt before Any Wicked Thing comes out next Tuesday, March 1. I think AWT is my hottest book yet. Sebastian and Freddie embark on a journey of sensual discovery that surprises them both.

She raised her arms above her head as if waiting for him to bind them together, but that was not his current intention. Lifting the waves of hair from her back, he twisted them aside. Uncapping a jar of fragrant citrus unguent, he set it on the sheets, warming a dollop of the cream between his hands, then began to rub her shoulders.

“What are you doing?” she mumbled into the mattress.

“As I said, you are tense. We’ve had a busy day.” He worked at the knotted muscles and moved up to her neck, putting pressure on each rigid bit of spine. More cream, more smooth territory to cover, more friction between his palms and her skin. He traced her angel wings and she quivered at the tickling sensation. With every sure stroke, her body grew looser, her breaths almost purrs of satisfaction. He made his way down her back to the beautiful cheeks of her arse, circling and kneading until he determined she was melting into the bedclothes. His fingers skimmed down one leg to her toes, downy fuzz glimmering along her calf. The firelight was her friend, bathing her in golden glow.

Sebastian could look at her for hours, as long as he could touch, too. He bent her leg, rotating her foot at the ankle, tugging gently on each toe until she felt boneless. Her small foot, so pink and pretty, deserved a kiss. She startled as he pressed his lips to her arch, then methodically kissed his way up her white thigh. He felt her stir restlessly beneath him, as if she wanted to participate again. Good. He had broken through her reserve, at least for now. Which was fortuitous, as he was hard as granite. He had delayed his pleasure for hours, but could not wait much longer.

I can’t wait much longer to see what readers have to say about two of my favorite characters. Happy reading!

2 comments to “Any Wicked Thursday 3”

  1. Carol L
     · February 28th, 2011 at 5:22 pm · Link

    Maggie, you have tortured me with these snippets. I can’t wait till tomorrow. I’ve read all your books and absolutely love all your characters. Freddie and Sebastion have me very intrigued. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us.
    Carol L.

    • Maggie Robinson
       · February 28th, 2011 at 5:26 pm · Link

      BWAHAHA. My evil plan is working. Hope you love them as much as I do!