In a few days I’ll be in Great Britain! My current book is set on the Welsh-English border, and I decided I needed to do some research and get out of mud season in Maine.

I’ve visited Wales several times before, but many years ago. We’re staying in Hay-on-Wye, a medieval market town with about 30 bookstores. Every year they have a huge book festival, but we’ll be there before then–which is good, because I don’t do well in giant crowds. (don’t ask about the Rolling Stones concert in Canada a few years ago, although Mick Jagger can still strut his stuff)

We’ll spend four days in London too. My husband has booked plays and concerts and if we wake up in time we plan to go to Sunday service at St. James’s in Piccadilly, a Christopher Wren-designed church . Feet willing, I hope to do one of the walks that’s featured in writer Louise Allen’s Regency Walks through London. We’ll be at Fleming’s in Mayfair. Want to have tea?

But the best part? I’m going to buy William & Kate wedding swag for future giveaways, LOL. Click here and here to see what the contest prizes are this month!