8 1/2 Stars: The best gentlemen are improper ones!

Improper Gentlemen seduces and rakes its way into your mind with three tales of men who work against the grain of society standards, but love fiercely.

Whiteside offers up the tale of gunman, Justin Talbot and his fierce determination to protect wrongly accused Ace Moreland. Ace is a female on the run from rumors that have destroyed her reputation and put her in the position of gambling for her freedom. Love is the last thing Ace Moreland believes she will find in an ex-confederate gunman with no worries about killing.

Robinson provides a tale of a woman scorned by the Scottish love of her life, Simon Grant. Simon ran from Lucy Dalhousie to escape persecution for his youthful thievery. Now he’s a gentleman, knighted by the King. He finds his Lucy set up as a mistress, and strives to regain her love. He wants to make her proper through marriage, but to do that he’ll have to conduct himself in the most improper ways.

The final tale by Marlowe, which was a favorite of mine, is a tale of love between Irish convict Aidan, the recently hailed Lord of Stonemere, and Roselinde Burke. Aidan stole her innocence years ago on the island of Bermuda, and Rose stole his heart. Now, years later after his crimes have been cleared in the eyes of the aristocracy, can she forgive him for what he was wrongly accused and accept this rakish lord’s love or move on to a worse villain?

All three stories were engaging and lively; extremely sensual and filled with enough improper to make a lady swoon. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about these assumed dark heroes, who in all actuality have more honor and love for their women then proper gentlemen. Each author gives you a different brand of improper from the notorious gunman, to the pardoned convict. With excellent story lines and secondary characters that give a good chuckle. No spoilers, but let’s just say Robinson weaves a merry faux gentleman. If you’re looking for a book that has a little bit of everything you love about historical stories, Improper Gentlemen is a sure win.

For readers who like Elaine Levine.

~ Landra