I’ll confess: before I was published, I was terrified of reviews. I expected to burst into tears when someone didn’t like my bookbaby. I mean, commercials on TV make me weep. But I’ve discovered I laugh more often than cry, and am amazed when someone shows such passion about a work of fiction, whether it’s to praise it or poop on it.

Of course, good reviews are much better than bad reviews. 😉 It also helps if the reviewer gets the storyline right, and understands what I was trying to do. I was very pleased with the following from RT Book Reviews Magazine.

by Maggie Robinson

Genre: Historical Romance, England
Sensuality: HOT
Setting: 1820s England

RT Rating ****

Steam rises from the pages as Robinson devises a new kind of marriage. Her strong characters and depth of emotions add to the high degree of sensuality.

Five years ago the staid widower Baron Edward Chase impulsively married the ravishing Lady Caroline Christie. It was a catastrophe. Edward banished Caroline to a house on Jane Street and visited her once a year; Caroline became the authoress of a rather scandalous series of novels.

Edward realizes he must move on, but first he must get Caroline out of his blood. He devises a plan: she will be his mistress, his to command any time of day or night. At first Caroline refuses, but then she agrees. The rebuilding of their relationship on a new and sensual level leads them back to bed and slowly toward a powerful relationship based on more then lust. (BRAVA, Sep., 304 pp., $14.00)


I’m not supposed to say, but out of the three Mistress books, I like Caro and Edward’s story the most. I’ll find out in a month when Marriage releases on August 30 if my opinion is shared with my readers. I’m giving signed copies of all three books (Mistress by Mistake, Mistress by Midnight and Mistress by Marriage) in this month’s website contest. Please enter even if you’ve read the first and/or second books, because if you win you can always share the books with a friend or donate to your public library.

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