Here are some recent thought-provoking, positive reviews of Mistress by Marriage and her older sisters, Mistress by Mistake and Mistress by Midnight! Highlights here; for full review, click on the links.


Rakehell Reviews: “It was nice to see a romance written about imperfect love. Sometimes we fall in love with someone because we can’t do anything else BUT fall in love with them. The heart wants what the heart wants, and it was refreshing to read such a well written romance novel that shows that.”

BookLoversInc: “The path of these two characters doesn’t run easy, but after all the heartache, drama and fights I loved how Edward finally let himself confront his feelings instead of burying them and realized that deep under all the lust and attraction he truly did love Caroline. That he, the most proper English nobleman meticulously planned the kidnapping of his wife, down to the last small detail, it showed how important she, and their relationship was to him. It was incredibly endearing. :-)”


Romancing Rakes: “I must say that Ms. Robinson writes like her hero, Bay. It is pure poetry, meant to seduce, titillate, excite and ensnare the reader from the first chapter until the last. I’d forgotten how hot Maggie Robinson can be, just ask my Kindle. The creaking was audible as I gripped it tightly, my heart racing, my toes curling as I sighed from the sexual chemistry between Bay and Charlotte. It’s almost like a soap opera, complete with mistaken identity, kidnapping, crazy ex-wife, expert lover hero, self conscious heroine, and a floozy of a sister who ends up being content with someone you didn’t expect. Oh, and a few plot twists. Ms. Robinson, I’ll be putting the rest of the series on The List.”

EA Recommends by historical romance novelist Evelyn Archer: “Maggie Robinson’s novel Mistress by Mistake has been in my to-be-read pile for over a year now. I finally got to it this week and really enjoyed it. The historical romance is both pretty darn HOT and pretty darn funny – an unusual combination. While these two qualities are not mutually exclusive, most of the time I find writers tend to be one or the other. I have added Ms. Robinson’s Mistress by Midnight and Mistress by Marriage (which will be available in August) to my to-be-read list. Praise indeed!”


Affair de Coeur 5 Stars. “Mistress by Midnight is a well written historical of young love thwarted by duty and responsibility. When the lovers finally reunite as adults, life has changed them both and not necessarily for the good. All is not as it seems, and their journey of self‑discovery is both heartening and extremely sexy.”

Thank you all for making my Tuesday a much better day than it started out to be!