“Anything Maggie Robinson writes is a must read for me. I loved Mistress by Marriage where Andrew Rossiter is first introduced and was extremely excited when I heard he would have his own story in Master of Sin. Andrew has a very sordid past and must overcome many obstacles to move forward in his life but once the story begins and you can see what makes Andrew tick….you truly want him to succeed! The heroine, Gemma Peartree, is a spunky governess who had me liking her from the get go. Gemma is also hiding and running from secrets in her past. She and Andrew are a perfect match and need each other to be whole.

At times, the dialog in the book is very witty and funny. These are characters that you can love and root for! The story and love scenes are hot, steamy and keep you wanting more. Master of Sin will be a keeper on my bookshelf. I look forward to more books from Maggie Robinson!” The complete review.