“A brilliant escape”–that’s what she calls five books this month in her romance column, including Lord Gray’s List!

“Maggie Robinson’s Lord Gray’s List is a charming foray into equally dreamlike territory. Baron Benton Gray is sick of finding himself the main topic of conversation in the gossip rag The London List. But when Ben goes to confront R. Ramsey, Publisher, intending to defend his honor, he’s shocked to find himself face-to-face with a young gentleman — who happens to be a dead ringer for his “lost and unlamented love,” Evangeline Ramsey. Evangeline tries to uphold her masquerade, but Ben sees through her — as he says, “I’ve seen your bottom before, Evangeline.” And he had, when he took her virginity years earlier. Ben sets out to buy and shut down the newspaper, but finds himself aiding the publisher instead. Lord Gray’s List is a combustible story of a lady in disguise and a lord who ably takes up the newspaper business in order to stay at her side. Evie and Ben are a hilarious pair who can’t stop making love, even as they break tables, and (finally) consummate their marriage on the parlor floor.”

I owe my writing start to Eloisa James and her bulletin board. It was there I met my critique partners and other writing friends who support me to this day. To have her acknowledge my work is “dreamlike territory” indeed. Thank you, Eloisa!