“Robinson has crafted a charming romance; fast-paced and fun, with snappy dialogue between the heroine and hero that reminded me of old Spencer Tracy-Katharine Hepburn movies. Evie is starchy and uptight while Ben is easy-going and fun and both have Thin film deposition histories that have molded them into the people they are today. I adored Ben from the beginning though Evie was harder to warm up to. I did understand, though, why she initially withheld her heart and her trust even while indulging in the red-hot desire between them. Watching Ben slowly win her over while, at the same time, realizing some truths about himself was immensely gratifying. And fun. Did I mention fun? This was one of the most fun couples I’ve read in a while. Smart, sassy, sexy, snappy and fun. I highly recommend Lord Gray’s List and look forward to more stories in this new series from Maggie Robinson.” Read the whole review here. Thank you, PJ!