germanIt has been eons since I posted a blog! Lots of great stuff has happened–foreign rights sales of both London List and Ladies Unlaced books, so eventually I’ll be translated into nine languages! (That’s In the Arms of the Heiress’s German cover–love the car!) I’m going through the final version of August’s The Reluctant Governess, and hope to have the cover to reveal soon. We’ve done a lot of traveling, too. Earlier this spring I spent a month in a charming Cotswold village soaking up atmosphere for a brand new series. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the first book and loving every word. Okay, I’m making that up, but that’s what I do for a living. 😉

There’s real romance in our lives, too. My youngest daughter is getting married in November, and things are in full swing. We love her guy and can’t wait for their special day. More updates ahead!