Lady Adelaide Compton, whose husband, Rupert, died in a car crash with his mistress a few months prior, is hosting a house party for the first time since his death. When Rupert, or at least a ghostly version of him, reappears as the house party begins, she’s understandably surprised.

Addie is doing her best to appear sane–while hissing at Rupert to leave her alone–when her dignified servants inform her that a dead person has been found in the barn. The body turns out to be that of Kathleen Grant, the former wife of a local landowner. When the handsome Anglo-Indian Inspector Devenand Hunter shows up to investigate the murder, Addie is nearly driven to distraction. It’s unthinkable that one of her guests could be a killer–her mother, the Dowager Marchioness? Her best friend from school? Her neighbor, the ex-husband of Kathleen? Between pondering their potential guilt and Rupert’s snide comments about the attractive Inspector Hunter, Addie is completely flustered–until the moment she catches out a killer, and the stakes become deadly.

Nobody’s Sweetheart Now is a clever, charming mystery that perfectly captures 1920s society. Bored debutantes and rich bankers mingle in Lady Addie’s world, which is sure to appeal to fans of Ashley Weaver or Rhys Bowen. Likable characters, a well-paced plot and an intriguing detective make Nobody’s Sweetheart Now an excellent first entry in this delightful mystery series from Maggie Robinson. —Jessica Howard, bookseller at Bookmans, Tucson, Ariz.

Discover: In this clever cozy mystery, Lady Adelaide Compton must help solve a murder while distracted by the ghost of her husband.