Maggie Robinson

Tempting Eden

Tempting Eden
Berkley Heat ♦ June 2010
ISBN-13: 9780425234310 ♦ ISBN-10: 0425234312

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Set against the backdrop of Regency England comes a scorching new novel about a perfect gentleman and the imperfect woman who makes him forget all his good intentions.

Eden Emery is no stranger to sin. To keep her sister safe from harm, she’s paid a steep price with her body—and very nearly lost her soul. But when Baron Ivor Hartford, the very Devil himself finally dies, her troubles are far from over.

Major Stuart Hartford, the late baron’s nephew, is in the market for an honorable wife, but first he has to take care of the matter of his Uncle Ivor’s ward—a young woman who makes him question the virtue of being proper. For the passion she incites burns away his inhibitions and inflames his heart.

But Eden has vowed to never again cede her destiny to a man. And Hart is left with no choice but to tempt the temptress herself, to show the woman he longs to possess forever that passion can heal, that the sins of the past can be overcome, and that submission can be the greatest power of all.

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Hart wondered what treasure he’d find. A bag of guineas? Some diamond stickpins? A few naughty snuff boxes? All of the pertinent deeds and ledgers and shares were tucked away in the bank, with copies at Calvert’s offices. The key fit smoothly into its lock with a satisfying click, and the wooden door popped open.

He felt a moment of disappointment. Instead of a pile of bank notes, he found a single leather- bound book. Hart took it from its resting place and put it on the desk. It really was too dark to read in the cavernous library unless he lit another branch of candles. Deciding to bring it and his unfinished glass of port upstairs, he extinguished the lighting. Another one of his uncle’s ‘valuable’ books, no doubt. It might make for entertaining bedtime reading, and help dispel the urges he was plagued with.

He’d sent his valet along with the women, so he prepared himself for bed without the hovering McBride’s assistance. Turning the lamps up, he sat by the fire in his banyan and studied the spine. The Education of a Young Lady of Doubtful Virtue. So here was the truly valuable book. The bill for it had astonished him. He wondered if the illustrations were painted with gold leaf. It was not especially thick so it would make quick reading, if in fact there were any words accompanying what were bound to be dirty pictures. His uncle’s collection, while not to Hart’s taste, was probably the finest of its dubious kind.

The pages had already been cut, yet the book seemed quite new, hardly as dog-eared as some of the other volumes Hart had looked at. Somehow that gratified him. He didn’t care to be reminded of what his uncle had probably been doing as he perused each one.

The frontispiece had the gryphon trademark and the book’s title. The author was Lord H.

Hart got a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. And when he turned the page, his worst fears were confirmed.

This couldn’t be. With clumsy fingers, he flipped though the book. There was only one model for the artist, yet many illustrations, each one progressively more graphic and tortuous than the previous picture. And she had stopped smiling long before the midpoint of the volume. His uncle had captured the hunted look of a woman, a girl really, who knew her choices were limited, none of them good.

Hart closed his eyes, but he still saw a collage of Eden’s images, her beauty bare, her eyes vacant. This was what she alluded to, and he had been too obtuse to understand.

He forced himself to return to the first page and began to read the words that Ivor had paid so much to have printed.

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“Deeply disturbing, dark, and poignant, TEMPTING EDEN is a love story that will stay with you long after the final page is read.”

”Margaret Rowe delivers a unique historical romance that will keep you enthralled from start to finish. TEMPTING EDEN is murky, edgy and filled with complex motivations and actions. The serious tones and intricate storyline pulled me in. Despite the darker touches, this is a quite erotic and enjoyable read. Ms. Rowe presents us with a cast of redeemable characters, detailed surroundings and a sizzling chemistry that is made believable among a somewhat unlikely couple. She provides just enough of the heroine’s heartbreaking past that you feel genuine anguish for her. Then she takes and pulls her out of the ashes. This is a memorable story that is sure to leave a lasting impression.”

“TEMPTING EDEN is a deeply emotional story that offers both wicked heat and delicious connection.”

“TEMPTING EDEN is a temptation you can’t pass up.“

“Hart has got to be one of the most patient, sensitive and caring heroes ever written. He is the perfect balm for Eden’s wounded soul.

This is a stunning debut novel filled with intense emotions that left me feeling very satisfied and glad I read it. It will appeal to anyone who enjoys erotic historical romance. You’ll want to watch Ms. Rowe (who also writes as Maggie Robinson) and add her to your short list of favorites.”

“A unique and well-crafted twist on the traditional ward and guardian romance. As [Margaret Rowe] leads Eden through a morass of self-loathing into true joy in her sexuality and Stuart through a discovery of Eden’s secrets as well as a few of his own, you find yourself deeply engaged in the story. A solid and well-crafted read.”

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