Romance Junkies Reviews Lord Gray’s List

5 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies! “A deliciously sexy tale, LORD GRAY’S LIST, the first novel in exceptional author Maggie Robinson’s LONDON LIST series, is a fun, passionate historical romance that is sure to captivate readers from the very first page. Reading it kept me up late into the night as I could not put it down and ended up reading it in one sitting, but the loss of sleep was well worth it. A fan of Ms. Robinson’s work, I cannot pass up one of her books and I am so glad I read this one. As Ben works beside Evie, he finds himself enjoying his new profession and coming to the aid of those in trouble, something she has been doing all along. I could not help rooting for these two, who seem to be made for each other. Combining sassy humor, engaging characters, steamy sensuality, witty repartee, delectable scandals, surprising plot twists, second chances and true love, Ms. Robinson has penned a winning novel that readers will not soon forget. As I eagerly await the next book in this exciting, new series, be sure to get your own copy of LORD GRAY’S LIST. If you are looking for a terrific story with plenty of heat and humor, this is the one for you. Do not miss it!”

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New Book Buzz!

Lord Gray is making his way onto the shelves in less than two weeks. Here’s some fabulous news–best-selling author Eloisa James is featuring Lord Gray’s List in her monthly Barnes & Noble column!

The four star review from RT Book Reviews:

“Sexy, fun and smart, Robinson’s latest is pleasurable. Her strong, independent heroine meets her match in the alpha hero, and their battle of wills will have readers smiling with glee just to see who ends up wearing the pants in this relationship. The lovely touches of historical detail and secondary characters flesh out the story, but readers may simply want to focus on the sensual and humorous aspects of Robinson’s writing.

Evangeline Ramsey proves that “Hell hath no fury” and “the pen is mightier than the sword” when her scandal sheet, The London List, simultaneously presents her with the opportunity to care for her ailing father and pay back Lord Gray for breaking her heart years ago. Baron Benton Gray is determined to unmask the reporter who has made him the ton’s laughingstock (why, even his mother is amused!). However, discovering Evie’s identity only increases his anger — and his passion.”

From Rogues Under the Covers:

“This book had everything I have come to expect from Maggie Robinson; heart, humor and heat. The heat starts off rather quickly, with Evie and Ben already having a torrid affair in the past but then the sexual tension sets in and just keeps building. The humor was just wonderful. Our couple are constantly trying to prove who is the man and should wear the pants (literally)…Ben wants Evie to wear dresses and be a female and take care of her while Evie wants to continue doing her job and the pants suit her just fine. Evie is a strong, bold, confident woman and does not need a man to take care of her! (Even if he is devilishly handsome, wealthy and shows himself to have a very generous heart). The heart comes from all the secondary characters that add a nice sense of completion to this story. Evie knows what it is like to struggle and when Ben decides to shut down the paper, she shows him how many people depend on The London List to find jobs, homes, and helpers, that it is far more that a scandal sheet. Yes, the situations that arose seemed to be settled fairly quickly and easily, but they were still pleasant to read. I also really enjoyed seeing some of the day to day operations involved in running a newspaper! Overall, a delightful, sensual romance that will surely please romance fans who enjoy a perfect blend of heart, wit, charm and heat. Four stars.”

Publishers Weekly Reviews Lord Gray’s List

I’ve been to Bermuda and back, home to find the first “official” review of Lord Gray’s List, and I could not be happier! (Or is it the rum talking?)

“Robinson (Mistress by Marriage) launches a Regency series with this appealing tale of sin and redemption. Baron Benton Gray is finally fed up with the way the editor of London’s most popular scandal tabloid, the London List, describes his bachelor exploits. He decides to put his wealth and power to the task and approaches the List’s editor, hoping to buy the rag. Much to Ben’s surprise, the rascally editor is Evangeline Ramsey, his first love, masquerading as a man. She declines his offer, so Ben goes over her head, wheedling a sales agreement from her ailing father. But when he shutters the newspaper, its advertisers and readers threaten to riot. With endearing good humor, Ben rehires Evie, and the two work side-by-side—and sometimes front-to-front—as the smoldering embers of love rekindle flames of passion. What this witty, raunchy comedy lacks in plausibility, it makes up for with wordplay and pure fun.”

Cool Stuff in Hot Weather

I have not posted in a while, but the big day–my son and daughter-in-law’s renewal of their wedding vows–passed without a hitch on July 7. It was a small wedding (about 35 people), but most of them stayed here last weekend. Things are much quieter now, and the summer fun can begin!

Japanese rights were sold for Mistress by Midnight, and shortly after learning that I got a few Japanese editions of Mistress by Mistake. Since a Japanese restaurant is about to open nearby, I’ll know where to go to celebrate. Isn’t the cover gorgeous? (even though there are strawberries instead of raspberries on the cover, LOL)

The new Edwardian series for Berkley has been named: Ladies Unlaced. I playfully called it “Gibson Girls Gone Wild” as I was writing the first book, In the Arms of the Heiress. And I’m busy with book two, which has a fabulous name (thanks Elyssa Patrick!) that I’m too superstitious to mention.

It has been in the 90s in Maine, so I’ve been hanging out in my air-conditioned writing room or floating in the lake. Hope you’re comfortable where you are!