New Book Deal!

For the past four months, I’ve been working on my supersecretproject. It was a departure for me, moving from the late Regency to the Edwardian era. I thought of the book as “Gibson Girls Gone Wild,” although Gibson Girls were uniquely American and the story takes place in England. My working title is In the Arms of the Heiress. I’m thrilled to say that editor Kate Seaver bought it and a second book for the Berkley Sensation line, which means I’ll be published in mass market format. Whee! Thanks to my wonderful agent Laura Bradford who encouraged me to switch things up. It was so much fun to put people on trains and in cars after those bumpy carriage rides! Look for more news on the Evensong Employment Agency and the mysterious woman who runs it…

Nocturne Romance Reads Review of MOS

“Anything Maggie Robinson writes is a must read for me. I loved Mistress by Marriage where Andrew Rossiter is first introduced and was extremely excited when I heard he would have his own story in Master of Sin. Andrew has a very sordid past and must overcome many obstacles to move forward in his life but once the story begins and you can see what makes Andrew tick….you truly want him to succeed! The heroine, Gemma Peartree, is a spunky governess who had me liking her from the get go. Gemma is also hiding and running from secrets in her past. She and Andrew are a perfect match and need each other to be whole.

At times, the dialog in the book is very witty and funny. These are characters that you can love and root for! The story and love scenes are hot, steamy and keep you wanting more. Master of Sin will be a keeper on my bookshelf. I look forward to more books from Maggie Robinson!” The complete review.


Endings and Beginnings

We’re back from two weeks in Scotland, London and Paris. The trip was both pleasure and “business”: I took copious notes in two small museums in Scotland that I hope will help me with the new series I’m working on. (and I could even read my handwriting when I typed them up on my laptop!) Here’s a photo of Wellwood House, the charming country house hotel we stayed at in Pitlochry, Scotland. Below it is the Atholl Palace Hotel, which houses a fascinating glimpse into its past in the basement. Other highlights of the trip included a boat ride down the Seine, watching hundreds of men in kilts at the Glamis Gathering, and studying the fabulous jewels in the Victoria and Albert Museum. I’ve come home sworn to resume my diet after eating my way through Europe. Wish me luck with that.

News: May 31 is the last day to bid on all six Courtesan Court books for the Brenda Novak Auction. The link is here. This is also the last day to enter the website contest for a box of books and swag from the RT Booklovers Convention. And if you pre-order Lord Gray’s List, it’s only $7.95 at the moment, an amazing deal for a trade paperback! I have no idea how long this is going to last… Here’s the Amazon link.

Next month’s contest will have Silver Jubilee goodies I picked up in London! Check back tomorrow to enter.

Rakehell Reviews Master of Sin

From Cybil Solon at Rakehell Reviews: “Oh it’s about time that Andrew Rossiter go his own book! I’ve been dying to see what Robinson does with such a tormented hero as Andrew, and I’m pleased to say the wait was worth it.

Andrew Rossiter has been living as a whore since he was seven years old. Men and women alike desire his good looks and prowess in bed which is fine by him since his flexible morals only care about the money his clients pay him with. But when he has to rescue his son from assassins, the only thing he can do is try and turn his ill-gotten gains to the purpose of hiding his son and making a new life for both of them. Which is all easier said than done when he ends up on a cold and dank island that may be remote, but comes with a harpy of a nursemaid. A harpy nursemaid whom his son adores, and (to his surprise) can stir his jaded senses without even trying.

Gemma Peartree may have gotten off on the wrong foot with Andrew and the house staff, but she NEEDS her job. Her past isn’t so stellar either, and spending it hiding with the far too handsome and angelic looking employer who makes her heart flutter is a better fate than the one that awaits her elsewhere. She grew up with whores so she understands Andrew. Every time he tries to drive her away she knows that he’s really just afraid of wanting her closer.

And this is why this book works so well. Andrew is a much darker character than any others in Robinson’s “Courtesan Court” series. He’s been sexually used and abused for so many years that he doesn’t know what it’s like to be cared about for himself. I’ve enjoyed the other books of the series, but this one is my favorite. Finally I got to see inside the mind of the enigmatic and sultry Andrew Rossiter. He’s been a fantastic secondary character, but as a leading man he kept me up all night turning pages.

Gemma is his perfect foil. Because she too is damaged and has grown up around people like Andrew there aren’t any secrets or big misunderstandings to take up valuable pages. When Andrew reveals the dark side of himself, Gemma just looks at him and shrugs, making him wonder if maybe he isn’t so dark and dangerous after all.

The plot with his son is well-woven in, too. Often with children in a book like this the child is either ignored or takes over too much of the story. But Robinson uses him and the threat to his life perfectly. He was never in the way of the adult’s talk and very hot sex, but he was a tool that brought them together nicely.

Bottom Line: The best book in this series and one a fan of tortured heroes will love.”

Thanks, Cybil!