LGL Gets 4 1/2 Stars from the Romance Dish

“Robinson has crafted a charming romance; fast-paced and fun, with snappy dialogue between the heroine and hero that reminded me of old Spencer Tracy-Katharine Hepburn movies. Evie is starchy and uptight while Ben is easy-going and fun and both have Thin film deposition histories that have molded them into the people they are today. I adored Ben from the beginning though Evie was harder to warm up to. I did understand, though, why she initially withheld her heart and her trust even while indulging in the red-hot desire between them. Watching Ben slowly win her over while, at the same time, realizing some truths about himself was immensely gratifying. And fun. Did I mention fun? This was one of the most fun couples I’ve read in a while. Smart, sassy, sexy, snappy and fun. I highly recommend Lord Gray’s List and look forward to more stories in this new series from Maggie Robinson.” Read the whole review here. Thank you, PJ!

Cover & Copy for Captain Durant’s Countess!

Coming January 29, 2013, a full-length e-book in the London List series! To pre-order, click here.

Tucked amid the pages of The London List, a newspaper that touts the city’s scandals, is a vaguely-worded ad for an intriguing job—one that requires a most wickedly uncommon candidate…

Maris has always been grateful that her marriage to the aging Earl of Kelby saved her from spinsterhood. Though their union has been more peaceful than passionate, she and the earl have spent ten happy years together. But his health is quickly failing, and unless Maris produces an heir, Kelby’s conniving nephew will inherit his estate. And if the earl can’t get the job done himself, he’ll find another man who can…

Captain Reynold Durant is known for both his loyalty to the Crown and an infamous record of ribaldry. Yet despite a financial worry of his own, even he is reluctant to accept Kelby’s lascivious assignment—until he meets the beautiful, beguiling Maris. Incited by duty and desire, the captain may be just the man they are looking for. But while he skillfully takes Maris to the heights of ecstasy she has longed for, she teaches him something even more valuable and unexpected…

Eloisa James’s B & N Column!

“A brilliant escape”–that’s what she calls five books this month in her romance column, including Lord Gray’s List!

“Maggie Robinson’s Lord Gray’s List is a charming foray into equally dreamlike territory. Baron Benton Gray is sick of finding himself the main topic of conversation in the gossip rag The London List. But when Ben goes to confront R. Ramsey, Publisher, intending to defend his honor, he’s shocked to find himself face-to-face with a young gentleman — who happens to be a dead ringer for his “lost and unlamented love,” Evangeline Ramsey. Evangeline tries to uphold her masquerade, but Ben sees through her — as he says, “I’ve seen your bottom before, Evangeline.” And he had, when he took her virginity years earlier. Ben sets out to buy and shut down the newspaper, but finds himself aiding the publisher instead. Lord Gray’s List is a combustible story of a lady in disguise and a lord who ably takes up the newspaper business in order to stay at her side. Evie and Ben are a hilarious pair who can’t stop making love, even as they break tables, and (finally) consummate their marriage on the parlor floor.”

I owe my writing start to Eloisa James and her bulletin board. It was there I met my critique partners and other writing friends who support me to this day. To have her acknowledge my work is “dreamlike territory” indeed. Thank you, Eloisa!

Kirkus Review of Lord Gray’s List

From Kirkus:

“Tired of London’s most infamous tabloid reporting his every vagary, Baron Benton Gray sets out to buy the paper in order to shut it down, but his plans are foiled, and his passions piqued, when he learns the brains behind the paper belong to none other than his first love, Evangeline Ramsey.

What’s a gentleman to do? All of London is laughing behind his back—and much of it straight to his face—since that wretched paper, the London List, started relentlessly reporting on his wayward ways. Determined to shut the rag down by buying it outright, Ben’s best laid plans are checked and mated when the editor turns out to be the woman he fell in love with years ago who’d unceremoniously dumped him and who is now determined to save her beloved paper. Focused only on the surface gossipmongering of the List, Ben misses the important behind-the-scenes services the paper provides, like romantic and professional matchmaking. Realizing how devoted Evie is to every aspect of the paper, but especially to helping those in danger and need, Ben reconsiders—particularly given the facts that the paper is actually a profitable business venture and that he finds he enjoys the intellectual and physical stimulation of running a press. Little by little, Evie softens to his charm, while Ben distances himself from his rakish ways, and the two just might find a happy forever in the middle. Lord Gray’s List, the first in Robinson’s new series The London List, is a sexy Regency charmer, with unique, intriguing characters and the refreshingly original backdrop of the List. The romance is sensual and conflicted, with tight sexual tension and snappy, vivid dialogue. Subplots add hints of dangerous intrigue and offer a host of well-developed, engaging secondary characters. Notably, Evie’s penchant for dressing in men’s clothing and passing herself off as the male editor of the London List leads to some amusing—if slightly outlandish—Victor/Victoria situations.

A charming, fun Regency romp that combines an innovative, compelling plot with characters that jump off the page and a hot, captivating romance that will tug at heartstrings.”

Romance Junkies Reviews Lord Gray’s List

5 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies! “A deliciously sexy tale, LORD GRAY’S LIST, the first novel in exceptional author Maggie Robinson’s LONDON LIST series, is a fun, passionate historical romance that is sure to captivate readers from the very first page. Reading it kept me up late into the night as I could not put it down and ended up reading it in one sitting, but the loss of sleep was well worth it. A fan of Ms. Robinson’s work, I cannot pass up one of her books and I am so glad I read this one. As Ben works beside Evie, he finds himself enjoying his new profession and coming to the aid of those in trouble, something she has been doing all along. I could not help rooting for these two, who seem to be made for each other. Combining sassy humor, engaging characters, steamy sensuality, witty repartee, delectable scandals, surprising plot twists, second chances and true love, Ms. Robinson has penned a winning novel that readers will not soon forget. As I eagerly await the next book in this exciting, new series, be sure to get your own copy of LORD GRAY’S LIST. If you are looking for a terrific story with plenty of heat and humor, this is the one for you. Do not miss it!”

Read the whole review here.